Empres & Allies Sneak Peek: Mystery Units

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Keep your eyes open out there, soldiers, because Mystery Units have been sighted beyond the boundaries of your Empire! The areas beyond your Empire now contain Mystery Units! The next time you load your Empire, you'll see something that looks like this:

Empies & Allies Mystery Units

These are Mystery Units! If you expand to reach the area the unit is in, the unit is yours—but you won't know in advance what it is!

If you want to figure it out BEFORE you expand, there is an opportunity—the Surveillance Tower! This is a building that uses buildable parts to do scanner sweeps to determine the identity of the Mystery Units. Once it's constructed, you can use it to identify each of the different Mystery Units on the board at once! You can re-use the Surveillance Tower as many times as you like.

Empies & Allies Mystery Units

If you reveal a unit and decide that you don't like it, you can even pay a few Empire Points to change it out for another Mystery Unit. Be careful though—you won't know what it is unless you use your Surveillance Tower to identify it again!

New units will appear on your Empire every week, and each time you acquire one a new unit will appear to replace it so you always have three on your game-board.

Be warned: The shape of the unit doesn't necessarily give you any clues as to what it might be! Just because that outline looks like a Carrier, doesn't mean it is—it could be a Battleship or a Gunboat as well! This is on slow roll-out, so if you don't have it yet, please be patient!



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