Zynga Slingo on Facebook: The 'Chess' of Zynga Games? [Video]

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Zynga Slingo

While social games fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of Facebook's Zynga Bingo, Zynga has been quietly cooking up a new title behind the scenes that, though it may rhyme with bingo and draw a little inspiration from bingo, definitely isn’t bingo. That's right – Zynga is bringing the Slingo franchise social in Zynga Slingo.

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Players can call upon their friends for help in Zynga Slingo as Friend Jokers. These allow the next spin to feature a Joker that can be used to make a free match, and to thank their friend with a gift. Each level also sports multiple medals, which are rewarded to players that surpass specific milestones and serve to add a bit of meta game to Zynga Slingo. Of course, this game has leaderboards, but it also packs some power-ups.

"With Zynga Slingo, as well our recent games like Zynga Bingo and Hidden Chronicles, we're introducing fun and social twists on familiar favorites," said Rich Sawel, product manager of Zynga Slingo. “Slingo is one of the earliest and most cherished games of the Internet, and we're proud to bring it to our players and make it even more fun and social than ever before."

Zynga Blingo

Boosts like Slingo Vision and Coin Toss Blaster all cost coins, and provide powers like the ability to see all of the matches on the board and the option to avoid coin tosses.The Darn Devil returns to Slingo in Zynga's version, but the developer has introduced some gambling mechanics in which players can bet their points on a coin toss. If it lands on the devil, then you'll lose half of the points you wagered, but if the Cherub appears, you'll gain 50 percent more points.

Zynga Blingo

And soon, players will be able to play any given level across the game's five worlds and afterward send a challenge to their friends to beat their score on the same game board. Think of it as, say, Scramble With Friends meets Slingo. At first glance, this is one of the most polished, genuinely fun-looking Zynga games to date, but it's also a bit of a shock. A partnership like this is a first for Zynga, as it usually develops its own games, so it raises a few questions. For one, will the game hit mobile devices?

Zynga Blingo

As for where this could Zynga in the future, you will see two different paths. One takes Zynga down a road of taking more and more established, classic casual games and giving them its signature polish. Another has Zynga work more with more big property holders to "Zyngafy" their games, so to speak. (The latter would be beneficial in more ways than one.) Sawel's take: "It's wide open."

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