Hidden Chronicles Passes FarmVille and CastleVille Becomes #3 Facebook Games

Date: Feb 19 2012 01:55:28 Source: Views:
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And Zynga has done it yet again. Proving that the hidden object genre can definitely work to attract a crowd on Facebook, Zynga's Hidden Chronicles has skyrocketed up the AppData charts for top Facebook games, and now sits in spot #3, just behind Zynga Poker and, of course, CityVille.

By Brandy Shaul From

Hidden Chronicles

Hidden Chronicles has gained 2.9 million players in just the last seven days, and now sits at 31.2 million monthly active players and 7 million daily active players. Meanwhile, CastleVille and FarmVille now sit at places #4 and #5, with 29.5 million and 28.3 million monthly players, respectively.

The Hidden Chronicles cross-promotions definitely seem to have been a major factor here, as the charts really started to climb around January 20, when those promotions started launching. Still, the promise of free items in other Zynga games can only go so far, as users look to be sticking around for the long haul, at least for now. Will Hidden Chronicles continue to climb at such a steady rate? Could CityVille have another challenger in the arena for top Facebook game? You'll make sure to keep an eye on things and will let you know if Hidden Chronicles pulls off what seems to be the impossible: dethroning CityVille.



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