Ubisoft Brings Rabbids Vasion to Facebook

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Rabbids Vasion

After ravaging the Wii, Xbox 360 and other game consoles with their craziness, the Rabbids have assaulted Facebook in Ubisoft's Rabbids Invasion. First found in Rayman's world, Ubisoft's pride and joy, the Rabbids' goofy antics don't appear to be nearly as crazy this time around.

By Pete Davison From Inside Social Games

Rabbids Vasion

Rabbids Invasion offers a twist on standard citybuilding gameplay: the city is already there. However, the city in question was built by humans and as such, the Rabbids are unable to avail themselves of all its facilities.

In order to do so, the Rabbids must "invade" the existing buildings and take them over. In doing so, the drab, brown art becomes wildly colorful and often takes on humorous, surreal characteristics. Invading a house, for example, might cover it in toilet paper. Invading a farmhouse might redesign it to look like a giant cow. And invading a log cabin simply burns it down and turns it into an enormous bonfire.

Rabbids Vasion

The player is led through the basics of invading and building through a series of quests, all of which are presented in a somewhat sarcastic manner with numerous pop culture references. Early gameplay revolves around taking over buildings, building up stockpiles of food and currency and then expanding the borders of the Rabbids' invasion by using a sausage so spicy it causes a Rabbid to explode, taking a boundary fence with it.

Rabbids Vasion

Rabbids Vasion is solidly monetized, offering a wide range of premium items  for players to purchase using hard currency. The most expensive of these costs an equivalent of almost $100 and provides a significant gameplay benefit, doubling the soft currency payout of all nearby buildings. There are plenty of smaller items available for purchase, however, and in the early stages Rabbids Vasion is quite generous with the provision of hard currency to help speed up early progress.

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