CastleVille Swamp New Challenges Underway Coming Soon

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Soon another set of tasks ahead of you that will enable you to penetrate further in the swamp! Do you recognize something in the image below? Swamp New Challenges will come to CastleVille. Check below the 13 missions and start preparing youself!

CastleVille Swamp Challenges

Mission 1

  • Reach Castle Level x to be prepared for the adventure
  • Ask for x clothespins
  • Explore the gloom and investigate new threats of the Gloom Swamp

Mission 2

  • Craft x wooden stick to deal with beasties
  • Collect x berries to distract the rabbits during the exploration
  • Explore the gloom, to find signs of a new threat

Mission 3

  • Use x Thieves potions and make sure your values are safe
  • Own x alchemist powders for multiple uses
  • Craft x workbenches for the experiences

Mission 4

  • Craft x explosives in case the rock's pet of George needs a lesson
  • Own x stones as playmates for Skippy
  • Collect x buckets of water in case Skippy goes to the water again

Mission 5

  • Craft x Parchment to write on them
  • Own x ink bottles for George to use when drawing the treasure map
  • Feed x peacocks to find a good feather to write

Mission 6

  • Ask for x dragon breath to illuminate the mine
  • Collect x Wool
  • Craft x ropes

Mission 7

  • Take care of x flowers
  • Craft x glue
  • Visiting x neighbors

Mission 8

  • Own the machinery for gas detector
  • Have x wooden planks for the gas detector
  • Collect x logs

Mission 9

  • Craft x Iron Bar
  • Craft x wooden stick
  • Ask for x shields to make an official defender Seb kingdom

Mission 10

  • Have bottles of flaxseed oil, Alastair called all-in-the sewer, to the attention of George
  • Harvest x chili
  • Craft x pizzas

Mission 11

  • Craft x iron pickaxes to dig into the mine
  • Harvest x oats
  • Use reputation hearts, for giving an eternal rest in the mine

Mission 12

  • Craft x angle finders to determine precisely the flight path of the dragons
  • Collecting  x houses
  • Feed x animals, so that they remain fit during your absence

Mission 13

  • Craft x leathers for protection against the breath of dragons
  • Craft x flaming grog to face the dragons, think like them (that's what George thinks)
  • Prepare x hardboiled eggs for the trip (not even need preparation, and more)



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