Marvel: Avengers Alliance Assembles on Facebook, Available Now [Video]

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Marvel: Avengers Alliance

The long-awaited Marvel game has finally arrived on Facebook. In development since before Disney acquired either Playdom or Marvel, Marvel: Avengers Alliance is an old style turn-based RPG starring nearly every Marvel hero known to man.

By Joe Osborne From

The Avengers have assembled once again along with every other Marvel superhero that you can think of. Disney's Playdom has offcially launched Marvel: Avengers Alliance on Facebook in just enough time to hype the long-awaited Avengers flick. While the game's grandiose story has little to do with that movie, every character that fans will see on the big screen come May 4 is present and accounted for.

Marvel: Avengers Alliance

Avengers Alliance sees players as the newest recruit of S.H.I.E.L.D., the secret organization that rallies and supports the world's superheroes. After an event known as The Pulse strikes Earth, every villain from Loki to Dr. Doom flocks to its epicenter in search of a strange, cosmic material known as ISO-8. It's up to players to work in tandem with the world's superheroes to get to the bottom of the mystery and stop the various super villain groups from wreaking havoc.

After an extensive preview of the game, this writer can say that Playdom has nailed everything from its accuracy with the Marvel brand to the game's robust combat system. While Avengers Alliance doesn't exactly revolutionize in the social features department, it does manage to prove that branded Facebook games don't have to suck. In other words, dedicated Marvel fans would be remiss not to at least give Avengers Alliance a shot.

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