Redshift Reaches for the Stars with Its Sci-Fi RPG Experience

Date: Mar 05 2012 06:03:00 Source: Inside Social Games Views:
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Redshift, the new role-playing game from developer Synapse Games, brings the spaceship massively multiplayer online genre to Facebook.

By Mike Thompson From Inside Social Games

Redshift is a real-time combat strategy title that puts players in control of a single spaceship to guide through missions and battles.


Players start out as a rookie pilot with a dumpy little vessel and start taking on small missions to keep the interstellar peace, which largely translates as flying around the vast emptiness of space and getting into thrilling battles. Flight is controlled by pointing and clicking, while the both the mouse and keyboard can be used to trigger the action slots at the bottom of the screen.


Aside from the action, players are also encouraged to explore the galaxy and harvest resources, which can be manufactured into useful equipment for their ships. Because of its depth, Redshift has much more in common with CCP’s 2003 massively multiplayer online role-playing game Eve Online than it does with any Facebook real-time combat or strategy game.


The  graphics are impressive as well. Ship and station models feature a large amount of detail that's sometimes hard to see in the default canvas app view on Facebook — when expanded to fill the screen, though, Redshift looks impressive. Effects occur in real time, with things like missiles and lasers helping make Redshift's real time combat fun to watch, too. Finally, the backgrounds — decorated with floating planets, stars and nebula clouds — look magnificent.

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