Playing God and Evangelizing Virals in Idle Worship

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Idle Worship

Idle Games'god simulation game, Idle Worship, goes live today following an unheard of 29-month development cycle and extensive beta testing in Australia and the Philippines.

By Aj Glasser From Inside Social Games

Idle Worship puts players in the role of a benevolent or evil deity tasked with creating and caring for a primitive race of island people called Mudlings. Players manage the Mudlings'belief in a higher power using customizable statues called Moai, and a series of god powers that can either hurt or help the Mudlings go about their daily lives on the island — such as chopping down trees, fishing for food or procreating more Mudlings.

Idle Worship

A multiplayer mode allows players to interact with one another's Mudlings by trading resources, casting god powers (both good and evil) and encountering synchronous events where online players are summoned to an island where they could potentially win more resources — if they can click on dropped resources faster than other players.

Idle Worship

Players can also compete or collaborate to gain more followers of their faith by using special powers that place shrines or missionaries on other player's islands. Progress is tracked by an overall level, which determines what decorations and god powers the player can buy in the store.

Idle Worship

Now that Idle Worship is live. Idle Games has the technology to scale to millions of players — but will it be enough to unseat Zynga at the top of the charts, as Idle Games investor and Playdom co-founder Rick Thompson hopes.

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