The Sims Social Celebrates Arabian Nights with New Treasure Vault and Decor

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The Sims Social

This week, Playfish is letting you deck out your Sim's pad with some fun international items in the pretty Arabian Nights theme in The Sims Social.

By Brandy Shaul From

With this theme comes all of the new store items that you'd expect, including tables, chairs, beds and more in two major color themes: purple and pink or green and blue. You'll even be able to snag your own genie in a bottle.

The Sims Social Arabian Nights Items

Along with the launch of these Arabian Nights items, you'll also be able to purchase a new Clay Oven to help your Sim further improve their own cooking skill. But don't expect to be cooking mac and cheese on this thing, you'll spend your time cooking falafel, baklava, pita bread and even more themed dishes once you purchase a Clay Oven for your Sim's home.

The Sims Social Arabian Nights Items

Finally, a new project launches this week in the form of the Treasure Vault. This item can be unlocked by collecting a variety of themed items, including a Monkey Plush, Desert Treasure and a lovely Peacock. Once you've fully unlocked and completed the construction of your Treasure Vault, you'll be able to open it up every day for a chance to win free Simoleons. Then, you can turn around and invest those Simoleons back into more items for your home - it's a great cycle!

Make sure to snag these new Arabian Nights items sooner, rather than later, as they won't be around forever.



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