Hidden Chronicles: Play Zynga Slingo for 10 Free Estate Cash and Energy

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The Hidden Chronicles cross-promotional train has pulled intoZynga Slingo, as Zynga is now offering all detective a chance at a free item in their games if they'll play its newest game, Zynga Slingo, on Facebook.

By Brandy Shaul From

While Zynga Slingo has already been available on Facebook for a few weeks now, it looks the cross-promotional train has finally started to take off across Zynga's catalog of other games. First off, there's a new promotion in Hidden Chronicles, asking players to earn at least 30 Medals in Zynga Slingo.

Hidden Chronicles Zynga Slingo Cross-Promotion

If you haven't played Zynga Slingo, Medals are earned by simply playing through game boards (which are a combination of slot machines and Bingo cards) and completing certain objectives within each game dealing with earning a specific number of points or completing a "full card" with all of the numbers being covered in a game. There are five Medals available to earn in each stage, so you don't have to earn all five in a certain stage (which might be a bit difficult) to actually finish this cross-promotion's requirements.

Once you earn 30 Medals, you can head back into your Hidden Chronicles game, where you'll receive 10 free Estate Cash (the game's premium currency) along with 10 free energy. While 10 energy will only let you play one scene, it's at least a free item that you didn't have to pay for (or wait for it to recharge on its own).



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