The Supernauts Sounds Like Minecraft Meets FarmVille on Facebook

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Grand Cru, a new Helsinki, Finland-based game developer, has announced The Supernauts. This cross-platform, sandbox-style social game will launch later this year on Facebook, the web, iOS and Android, and promises to bring player-generated content in a big way.

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"The challenge and excitement of making The Supernauts really comes from trying to guess how players will react within the open world once we launch the game," Grand Cru creative director and co-founder Harri Granholm said in a release. "The Supernauts' open world sandbox environment gives an amazing amount of leeway when playing. The Supernauts is ultimately about total freedom, and we can't wait to see what content the players come up with."

The Supernauts

The Supernauts will allow players to act as superheroes of sorts in a world of their own design. Equipped with a magical zapper, players will have the ability to either build up or destroy the game world's environment block by block. In that regard, it sounds a helluva lot like the massive hit online game Minecraft, but with an isometric perspective à la FarmVille.

The Supernauts

Of course, players will get to complete pre-determined challenges, but most importantly collaborate with others in creating new objects, structures and even their own games. That--plus cross-platform play in which players can play on one device and pick up where they left off on another--sounds like quite the tall order. Interested in alpha testing The Supernauts? Sign up right here.



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