Build Another City of Your Dreams with 6waves Lolapps' Township

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If you were to suddenly wish to build a town of your own in a Facebook game, it goes without saying that you'd have a lot of gameplay options to choose from. Such is the case with Playrix's Township on Facebook, published by 6waves Lolapps.

By Brandy Shaul From

As in many other city-builders, your town's growth is tracked via its overall population, which is limited depending on how many community buildings you've placed. Some community buildings are special, requiring building materials to complete, which can be received by collecting from your town's materials plant once per day.


Once you've started to grow crops (which can also be sold instantly for a profit), you can use all of these buildings in conjunction with one another to produce items of higher values. In this way, Township plays a bit like G5's Virtual City, in that you'll need to create a chain of products from one building to another to actually produce the end product. To produce Bread at the Bakery, you'll need to have Flour. Flour is created at the Mill using Wheat. You'll need to grow Wheat manually to begin the cycle.


To keep your overall progress moving, Township offers a quest system that might ask you to produce specific materials using crops, add decorations or homes to your town, and so on. You'll also need to ask your friends for building materials and other items along the way, adding in the standard social element. Speaking of social play, you can visit your friends' towns and collect bonus building materials or coins from their buildings.


While Township offers very little in the way of completely new gameplay, the game is highly polished and downright charming. It's definitely worth giving it a look, if only to appreciate the quality of graphics that can actually come out of a Facebook game.

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