Strap yourself in for a Wild Ride in Adventure Park on Facebook

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Adventure Park

Hoping to break that trend and really pull in the players is iZ's Adventure Park, a colorful and charming theme park simulation game that is now available to play on Facebook.

By Brandy Shaul From

Adventure Park's isometric viewpoint and small, yet detailed items immediately make the game comparable to something like Zynga's CityVille, and for the most part you can think of Adventure Park here as that of a city-builder. However, instead of homes, you're building attractions for your guests to ride, with businesses like souvenir stalls to bring in extra cash. You'll also be able to place a variety of entertainment options in your park, which are run using "workers."

Adventure Park

Workers are your park's staff, and they're limited in quantity. Once you build some maintenance facilities, you can use those to hire more workers for your park (the more you hire, the more expensive they become), and you'll be able to spread those workers out based on how long you'd like their shifts to last and how much you'd like to pay / earn in exchange.

Adventure Park

There's a basic quest system in place that will help you progress by asking you to build themed items (an Easter quest series is now available, for instance), and you must always balance the number of decorations and rides you have in your park based on your guests' happiness (measured by a bar in the bottom corner of the screen).

Adventure Park

Overall, there's a lot of charm and whimsy to Adventure Park, as items aren't restricted to realism and are incredibly themed with plenty of soft shapes and bright colors. If there were an award for "cutest Facebook game," Adventure Park would definitely be in the running, but it does admittedly lack some of the complexity and depth that a hardcore Facebook gamer might be looking for. Still, if you have yet to find a theme park game that really does it for you, this one is definitely worth giving a shot.

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