Facebook + Games = Jobs for Generation Y

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An infographic released by the fastest-growing professinal network for young people pointed out the young can manage their career under the help of the gaming technique.

By Identified From, the fastest-growing professional network for young people, released an infographic on the evolution of gaming and the power of combining social networking with gamification to encourage those aged 18-29 to share professional information. The gaming technique is helping young people manage their career presence online in a way that resonates with the "Facebook generation." As a result Identified is experiencing dramatic growth among millennials, reaching 4 million users today and adding one million users per week. Ninety percent of Identified users are under the age of 35.

The infographic, which illustrates the evolution of gamification can be found at. Identified provides a score - based on job qualifications - for participants to easily see how they are ranked by companies. Identified also scores schools and companies.

The gamification technique encourages people to input college major, job title and years of work experience that recruiters seek in job candidates. As people add information and progress in their careers, they gain points to increase their Identified Score. However, these are not the vanity points typical of other "game" centered apps that award users with badges and avatars. The points represent the value of key information currently in demand by employers that helps young students and professionals plan their careers. Identified is part of a growing number of companies using games to empower consumers in areas ranging from dating to fitness, energy use and to healthcare.

"Critical information that recruiters need to hire literally does not exist in one place online for young people," said co-founder and co-CEO Brendan Wallace. "Generation Y is nearly invisible to employers so this technique is key. We constantly hear that the pain point among employers is sourcing the education and job information of the 18-29 year-old demographic, but Facebook is a great starting point."

As an example, engineers who attended MIT are now in high demand across the country. Once an individual with this background imports his/her Facebook information to and provides more complete work details, the Identified Score will rise quickly. The Identified Score is emerging as the standard of professional reputation online for recruiters and job seekers alike.

Millennial job candidates can rarely be found on existing services like LinkedIn, where 61 percent of users are 35+ years old(2). Connecting nearly 850 million people, Facebook is an invaluable source for recruiters to locate and learn more about younger candidates. However, profiles often don't include all the requisite information that position people as "employable". In fact, according to recruiters, 92 percent of Facebook profiles do not contain enough publicly available education and employment information (major, graduation year, job title) for recruiters to qualify potential candidates for jobs.

Identified found that more than 72 percent of Facebook users who come to add new information that is not part of their Facebook profile to create "short-form resumes" online. The result is that millions of younger candidates who wouldn't be 'recruitable' on Facebook alone can now be found by employers in a way never before possible.

Identified allows people to import their Facebook network and information, and "professionalize it" so they have an active, up-to-date professional profile available to recruiters without having to tailor their existing Facebook Timeline page for job searches, or recreate their friend network.

"We've learned that gaming can be used to solve the problem of the "invisible worker" for recruiters while it encourages and empowers millennials to be more strategic with their job and education information," added Wallace.

Identified has achieved unprecedented growth by allowing people to login to Identified via Facebook and bring their Facebook information and friend networks with them. Identified has also grown virally through Facebook as users have shared their Identified Scores with their friends.



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