The Sims Social Meets Dungeons & Dragons in Medieval Week

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The Sims Social

It looks like Playfish took the initiative to go all medieval on The Sims Social. The developer has officially declared this week Medieval Week in its hit social game.

By Joe Osborne From

Players can play dress up in flowing gowns and suits of armor in The Sims Social, rather than creep everyone else out in public. The Sims Social: A safe place to cosplay.

The Sims Social Medieval Week

Jokes aside, players have a lot to aspire to in Medieval Week, namely the Great Dragon Tower a lawn item that will boost players' House Value by 100,000 points. Players will slowly rebuild this monument to all things scaly and fire-breathing through a series of quests, their final reward being "Fairytale WooHoo."

The Sims Social Medieval Week

This week's Athletic Skill Item is Archery, and players can level it up through the new archery set. This week also brings a collection bonus with it: If players can collect the Crown, Golden Throne (tee-hee) and the Coat of Arms will receive Leopold's Lute, this week's brand new Musical Skill Item. And finally, the Alchemist Table is available for a limited time, which allows players to craft Super Inspired Potions (double Inspiration).



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