Scream If You Want to Go Faster with Rollercoaster Mania

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Rolercoaster Mania

Rollercoaster Mania is a new theme park management game for Facebook, developed by Noisy Duck and published by the increasingly-prolific 6waves. It's particularly likely to appeal to fans of the 1994 PC game Theme Park in that it uses almost the exact same aesthetic, though the gameplay has been rearranged to focus on social play.

By Pete Davison From Inside Social Games

Rollercoaster Mania casts players in the role of a new park manager. An initial tutorial walks players through the processes of laying down paths, placing food and drink stands, setting up rides and introduces the fact that some rides are friend-gated — though as in most other social games, this may be bypassed by the expenditure of hard currency.

Rollercoaster Mania

Many things in Rollercoaster Mania are time-sensitive. The player has the option to keep their park open for between 30 minutes and seven days. Food and drink stores also carry timers, which function in a similar manner to the park timer.

Rollercoaster Mania

It's difficult to ignore the fact that Rollercoaster Mania doesn't quite feel finished, however. After the initial quacking splash screen for the developer, there is no sound whatsoever in the game. There is a "music on/off" button on the interface, but this is stuck on "off." Rollercoaster Mania's performance also struggles a little in full-screen mode on less powerful computers, particularly when viewing busy parks.

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