Criminal Empire Enjoys New Lease of Life under 6waves

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Criminal Empire

Creara USA's Criminal Empire, which has been available for over a year now, has been enjoying a resurgence of growth recently. This appears to be thanks to 6waves picking up the title as part of the company's new focus on publishing rather than development.

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Criminal Empire casts players in the role of a faceless, nameless criminal overlord. They are quickly introduced to their first "hero" character, a scantily-clad woman known as Linda, who promptly walks the player through the basics of gameplay via a series of story-based missions.

Criminal Empire New Lease of Life

Players will find themselves searching for items using fishing boats, building structures on their own personal island to provide income and spending a lot of time in combat in order to "liberate" various buildings and take down rival criminal masterminds.Criminal Empire has a surprising amount of depth, monetizes well and features strong — though optional — social play.

Criminal Empire New Lease of Life

Criminal Empire also makes an effort to tell a reasonably interesting criminal underground story. While the narrative falls down a little on its actual writing and willingness to resort to national stereotypes (the early game is particularly anti-Mexican), it provides a compelling incentive for players to progress, helping to retain users beyond their initial discovery period. Most importantly, though, it doesn't feel like a clone of rival criminal games. Hopefully it will enjoy some renewed success with the help of 6waves' promotional and user acquisition skills.

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