Bubble Bursting Meets Physics in Bubble Bunny

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Bubble Bunny

Bubble Bunny is a "blitz-style" bubble-popping puzzle game from French developer Ooblada. The game plays similarly to games like Bubble With Saga, in that you'll need to shoot bubbles are other bubbles that are arranged at the top of the screen, but in each 60-second game, you'll be faced to tackle the challenge of fairly realistic physics as you shoot upwards.

By Pete Davison From Inside Social Games

Bubble Bunny is based on a very simple concept: In a minute of gameplay, players are challenged to pop as many groups of 3 like-colored bubbles as they can. The faster they do this, the higher they score, and the more likely they will be to acquire various powerups to make their life easier — or, on occasion, more difficult.

Bubble Bunny

You'll be able to compare your progress to that of your friends via a weekly leaderboard, and will always have Bubble Bunny's mascot, Bubble Bunny himself to compare an arbitrary score to, if you happen to be the only one in your network playing. You can level up and earn extra lives so that you can continue playing the game longer in each sitting, but it would have been nice if these limits weren't in place at all, so as to really allow the addiction to set in. As it stands, Bubble Bunny is a cute and solid bubble-popping game on Facebook, so grab a bubble gun and jump right in.

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