Solitaire Castle Offers a Hauntingly Good Time on Facebook

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Solitaire Castle

MegaZebra's Solitaire Castle on Facebook is perfect to play any time of year, offering the now standard Pyramid-style solitaire gameplay found in other recently popular games in a level-based setup that makes the game more complex as you go along.

By Brandy Shaul From

In Solitaire Castle, you'll help a friendly purple ghost explore the many levels of this spooky castle, completing levels that each contain three overall goals. These goals normally revolve around removing all of the cards from the board, earning a specific number of points or completing a combo (that is, playing a specific number of cards before having to draw another from the deck). Each level comes with a different card layout, or simply a different number of cards that must be removed from the board, so each level may also be more or less challenging than the last.

Solitaire Castle

Solitaire Castle is a polished card game that's really fun to play, even if you only do so while waiting for your energy to recharge in other games of the same type. The card layouts offer some real challenge, and even offer elements of strategy as you combine both the "luck of the draw" with your own decisions in which card to play next. If you like the more popular games in this genre, like Solitaire Blitz on Facebook or Fairway Solitaire on iOS, make sure to give this one a try as well.

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