No More Lost Pieces with Jigsaw World

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Jigsaw World

Jigsaw World is a Facebook-based puzzle title from Inertia Game Studios. Jigsaw World challenges players to complete jigsaws as quickly as possible, then allows them to compare their performance against friends and others around the world.

By Pete Davison From Inside Social Game

Jigsaw World dispenses with in-depth tutorials and simply throws players directly into an initial puzzle which turns out to be the game's logo. The controls are simple and intuitive — clicking and dragging a piece moves it, while clicking and dragging with the right mouse button allows the player to scroll their view around. Pieces automatically "snap" to each other, and there is no need to rotate them.

Jigsaw World

Jigsaw World is a simple but effective implementation of the jigsaw puzzle on Facebook. Its interface is clear and simple to understand and Jigsaw World offers a good variety of content for free. Jigsaw World will likely monetize reasonably well with the currently available puzzle packs, though many players will likely choose the free option to create their own puzzles rather than pay for or earn coins. The fact that this particular service is not charged for is a very player-friendly move, though it may end up hurting Jigsaw World's profitability in the long run.

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