Build a Fantasy Alliance in Playdom's Armies of Magic

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Armies of Magic

Armies of Magic, Disney Playdom's new Facebook game, is a combination of fantasy role-playing, citybuilding and real-time strategy. It casts players in the role of a human, elven or dwarven army commander and tasks them with following an episodic storyline while bolstering their own offensive and defensive capabilities.

By Pete Davison From Inside Social Games

There are three main components to gameplay in Armies of Magic: citybuilding, exploration and combat. In the citybuilding phase, players construct buildings for their race's capital which then produce income, combat units and research. Players must balance their amount of production buildings with their "culture" value, which is an abstract representation of how happy the populace is. If the culture value drops into the negative, no new units or research may be constructed, and the player must build decorative items to build it back up again. All buildings take time to construct and may be hurried along by the expenditure of hard currency.

Armies of Magic

Armies of Magic is a deep game aimed at the more "hardcore" end of the social gaming spectrum, though it remains easy to pick up for more casual players. It features good production values in its audio, visuals and writing and provides strong social features with which players may enjoy the game together. Armies of Magic's few minor flaws, discussed above, aren't enough to spoil what is a good-quality role-playing/strategy experience that has the potential to appeal to a wide audience.

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