Pockie Ninja II Social Exposed

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Launching this summer, Pockie Ninja II Social is an online Q-version social strategy game developed by NGames. Inspired by storylines from the popular Naruto anime series, players will be able to interact, build and battle with iconic anime characters as they strive to create and dominate a new ninja world.

Pockie Ninja II Social Exposed

Pockie Ninja II Social tasks players with building and managing their own ninja village. Starting as the founder and leader of a community of ninjas, players will build their very own village from scratch, while also developing a strong economy and recruiting other ninjas to act as the village's offensive and defensive army.

Pockie Ninja II Social is set to bring new and innovative gameplay to the social network scene, with game modes such as Invasion, Rescue and Support Among Friends offering a variety of ways to enjoy the game's graphically lush gameplay.

Drawing inspiration from the popular and diverse world of Naruto, Pockie Ninja II Social features new 3D environments modeled directly from the anime series. The 3D environments offer a unique way to interact with the "Five Great Shinobi Nations"that Naruto fans won't have experienced before.

Pockie Ninja II Social Exposed

As a tactical strategy game, Pockie Ninja II Social utilizes a cleverly designed battle system with an interesting twist. Brute force is no guarantee of victory here. Instead, players must recruit and command a balanced array of ninjas, with the chosen combinations of the Naruto inspired characters having a direct effect on the outcome of combat. Forget about going all-out on the offensive - ensuring an army fulfills each member's mutual dependencies is the real cornerstone to success here.

At launch, players will encounter and have the chance to recruit from a selection of 84 recognisable Naruto characters, from Sasuke and Kakashi, to Rock Lee and more.

Pockie Ninja II Social Chracters

From left: Rock Lee, Sakura, Tsunade, Zabuza

Note: Pockie Ninja II Social is coming to Facebook this summer.



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