Hidden Chronicles Hot Event: Spot the Difference

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As the fan of Hidden Chronicle, you must be familiar with these pictures below! Yes, this time BBGsite releases a new event - "Sopt the Difference".

The event will last from April. 25, 2012 to May. 2, 2012. Come on, guys! Awards are waiting for you!

1. How to participation:

Each group of scenes below has 5 differences, find out them(directly mark on picture) and then you can:

  • Upload the picture in the forum and leave your contacting email.
  • You can mail at and add your BBG nickname.

2. Hidden Chronicle Scenes

Scene 1

(Click here to see big picture)

Hidden Chronicle BBGsite Event

Scene 2

(Click here to see big picture)

Hidden Chronicle BBGsite Event

Scene 3

(Click here to see big picture)

Hidden Chronicle BBGsite Event

3. Rewards

Hidden Chronicle BBGsite Event

4. Tips:

By the end of May 2nd, if over 5 participations spot all the differences, I will ask them to offer me a number(must be a integer between 1 to 1000, not include 500) in private before May 5. Then I will calculate the average value of all the numbers offered. Whose number closest to average will be chosen as Top 5 winners.

For more information about Hidden Chronicles Event: Spot the Difference please click in!



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