Zynga's Fast Load Attenpts to Squash Long Loading Times

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Zyngahas started rolling out "Fast Load" to its games that are available on the platform. Fast Load allows you to immediately jump back into the game you were just playing if you happen to leave the screen, without sitting through a loading time.

By Brandy Shaul From Fast Load

This is great in theory, as the elimination of loading times should mean less frustration for gamers. However, there's one major problem with the Fast Load technology: it becomes useless the second you jump into another game.

You were in the middle of harvesting animals in CastleVille and decide that you wish to go plant some crops in CityVille. While heading back to the homepage will allow you to activate the CastleVille Fast Load to immediately jump back in, the second you go into CityVille, this CastleVille Fast Load is lost. That is, if you finish planting those crops in CityVille and want to go back to CastleVille, you'll need to wait for the game to load all over again.

So, what good is Fast Load? Well, that depends on how often you'll play the same game throughout a single day, as keeping open in a browser tab will allow you to jump back into a single game time and time again without waiting for it to load. If you close the browser window, restart your computer or just load any other game for any reason however, you're back to square one.



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