Greek Gods Run the Show in This Week's The Sims Social Theme

Date: Apr 26 2012 08:10:44 Source: The Sims Social Views:
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The Sims Social

It's Greek Gods week in Playfish's Facebook game. This week, players will get to help the mighty Zeus find his lost crown, which somehow involves the mysterious Pandora's Box.

Take a trip back to ancient Greece and marvel at the power of the Grecian Gods! Zeus who ruled the Olympians from his throne on Mount Olympus was the God of the Sky, Thunder and Lighting. Now, your Sim has a chance to sit on that very throne and hurl lightning bolts at unsuspecting Sims!

The Sims Social Greek Gods Week

If you are going to throw bolts of lightning all day long, then your Sim is going to need strong arms. With 'Atlas Free Weights' you can swap that pot-belly for the body of a Greek god with this stylish athletic skill item.

The Sims Social Greek Gods Week

If your Sim prefers to flex their brain rather than their muscles, then we have the writing skill item for you! 'The Philosopher's Chaise Loungue' will allow you to ponder immortality, theorize and philosophize to your heart's content.

The Sims Social Greek Gods Week

This week's quest is about helping Zeus find his lost crown. You'll embark on a journey to discover the secrets surrounding Pandora's Box and even earn one of the three collectibles needed to open the box!



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