Recommended New Facebook Games in May 2012

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Hey, guy, it's time to show you new facebook games. Do you rememeber what you play last month? Do you want to know what your friends will play this month? Here below recommend new facebook games in May 2012, catch up with your friends and play with him or her.

NO1. Kingdom Age

Kingdom Age

Kingdom Age wastes no time throwing you into the fray. You'll make simple choices regarding the look of your character, and then you]re off to save some unnamed monk. Your appreciative new companion will walk you through the particulars of gameplay, and the pacing of the tutorial is both brisk and comprehensive.

Kingdom Age

Like many strategy games developed for social platforms, Kingdom Age will have you build and maintain a civilization and army. Kingdom Age is pretty much broken up into two main components: a campaign that sees your individual character take on foes dungeon-style, and a very basic castle-defense portion where you send out your armies to pillage Google+ rivals. Think about the spilt in earlier Funzio games like Modern War, and you'll get a decent idea of how things play out here.

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