Bubble-Popping, Honey-Stealing Fun with Buggle

Date: May 01 2012 07:02:05 Source: Inside Social Games Views:
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Buggle from Cookapps is a Facebook-based bubble popping puzzle game. It shares plenty of similarities with titles such as's immensely popular Bubble Witch Saga, but are its few twists on the formula enough to distinguish it from its rivals?

By Pete Davison From Inside Social Games

Buggle casts players in the role of a hungry bear who wants to steal honey from a colony of bees that live in a tree. Said bear is armed with a cannon that fires colored bubbles, a limited quantity of which are available on each level. Connecting groups of three or more bubbles at once causes them to pop and disappear.


If this causes other bubbles to become disconnected from the top of the screen, they will fall to the bottom of the screen and into several honey pots, each of which is worth a particular number of points. If the player pops five or more bubbles in one shot, it starts a combo, which temporarily closes off the lids of the lower-scoring honey pots.


Buggle is a decent puzzle game with good production values, and it is off to a good start so far. It remains to be seen if players will stick with it, however. With the aforementioned player-friendly tweak to its "lives" system it has the potential to be a strong contender in the increasingly-crowded bubble shooter genre, but as is it's one to keep an eye on for now.

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