EA Revives SimCity for 2013 Launch

Date: May 07 2012 05:55:15 Source: VentureBeat Views:
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Electronic Arts announced that it will bring the beloved franchise SimCity back with a new game scheduled for launch in 2013. SimCity will give fans of the long-dormant franchise — and there are probably tens of millions of them — something to look forward to. SimCity and its variants have sold 30 million copies since 1989.

By Dean Takahashi From VentureBeat

SimCity will have a new physics engine that will "blow your minds" in case you want to set loose a dinosaur in your city. You can connect cities with your friends, but if you pollute your air, the neighboring cities will suffer. You can also go online and compare your city with those created by players around the world. EA's Maxis division is responsible for making the game.


SimCity will also teach social responsibility, so EA announced the game alongside an event promoting the charity Games for Change. If you run out of resources in the game, the logical consequences will follow. That's an environmental message aimed at teaching everyone about scarcity and trade-offs. You could still build your dream city, but it may be costly for the environment.


SimCity will feature curved roads as she showed a picture of San Francisco's Lombard Street, the world's most crooked street. Past veterans from SimCity 2000 and SimCity 4 will be working on the game.



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