Why and How Moms are Major Facebook Game Fans

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Moms are often the first ones to wake up, and the last to go to bed. They wipe runny noses, change diapers, pack school lunches, track soccer practice, music lessons, and doctor appointments, and often that happens before many of them head into office.

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Moms Facebook Games

A recent study with Harris Interactive found that 68% of moms who worked found time to play video games, compared to only 30 percent of homemakers. The survey also found that moms are playing games at least four to six times per week to escape from life's never-ending demands. It might seem nominal to hardcore gamers who spend countless hours on their Xbox 360, but moms seem to get plenty of satisfaction from a brief getaway on a computer screen playing social games like Collapse! Blast and Bayou Blast.

In fact, the study found that more than 45 percent of moms say that playing fun, casual video games make them happier and feel smarter. And Facebook games seem to be the favorite among women with children, especially in the Southern parts of the U.S. Twice as many moms play Facebook games than games on their mobile phone or tablet, the study reported.

So when do these busy moms find the time to login and play social games? Of those surveyed, about 60 percent of moms said they played games after the kids were tucked into bed or after 8 p.m. Nearly half (45 percent) of these moms had children between the ages of 13-17.

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