Castleville: New Ridding Hood Buildings Upgrade

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The Grandma's House is coming to the CastleVille now, and it can be updated to the pink one!

By Maria Cruz From CastleVille Quests Help

If you still have space, you can buy this yellow house Grandma's House in the market and upgrade for getting the pink Grandma's House. You will collect additional coins. To upgrade this house requires: 5 Stone Blocks, 5 Wood Planks, and 7 Laces (Ask Friends by Wall Post).

CastleVille Red Ridding Hood Items

You can find the Grandma's House in the Special!

CastleVille Red Ridding Hood Items

Grandma's House produces 750 gold coins from taxes. Upgrade your house to produce even more!

CastleVille Grandma's HouseCastleVille Grandma's House

CastleVille Grandma's House

Grandma's House is a good place to get some cookies and relax. Upgrading Grandma's House will increase the Coins from taxes!

CastleVille Grandma's House Update



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