Get By with a Little Help from Your Tribe in Spellbound City 2

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Spellbound City 2 is a new citybuilding game from Oxylabs Networks. While mostly fairly predictable in its execution, Spellbound City 2 offers an innovative approach to requests and help from friends, and it's through this that the developer hopes to attract a healthy audience for the title.

By Pete Davison From Inside Social Games

Spellbound City 2 features a stronger focus on resource management than some other titles of its ilk, with several steps required to construct various materials and structures. Crops produce food, which is used to feed houses, which produce life energy, which is used to power material-producing structures such as mines and lumbermills. These raw materials can then be used to cast various spells in order to create special items. These, in turn, are often required in the construction of new buildings.

The most noteworthy feature in Spellbound City 2, however, is its "Tribe" mechanic. By joining a Tribe, players gain access to a large number of other Facebook players to whom they may send requests and gifts without having to add them as friends. The only limitation on this functionality is that players are unable to visit Tribe players and earn the game's social "Karma" currency — only Facebook friends may be directly visited.

The ability for players to get up and running with a predefined bank of friends from the very beginning helps the game feel much more social than the lonely experiences that other titles can be shortly after starting to play — though there is still no means of directly communicating between players in-game. The disadvantage to the system, however, is that the player is then constantly bombarded with Facebook notifications from members of their Tribe at all hours of the day, though this issue is somewhat mitigated by the social network's collection of all similar notifications into a single item. The player may also choose to "opt out" of their Tribe at any time.

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