The Sims Social Sneak Peek: Pool Party Splashdown Week

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Playfish seems to be riding the wave on its newest The Sims Social feature, the Vacation Home Pool. This week's theme in the social game is Pool Party Splashdown Week, expanding what players can do with their pools and offering plenty more bonuses. This week's project is all about decking out your pool with beach balls, rafts, a slide, a diving board and a deep end.

By Joe Osborne From

The Sims Social Pool Party Splashdown Week

These changes aren't just for looks: Adding a diving board and a deep end to your Sim's pool will unlock the Diving and Scuba Diving Skills, respectively. Of course, the two new skills come new interactions that your Sim can partake in, along with new items like scuba gear (for 700 Simoleons).

The Sims Social Pool Party Splashdown Week

When the pool is all finished after this week's quest, your Sim will get to ride the slide and dive off the diving board too. Plus, players can change their Sims in a new changing hut, along with some other activities, namely WooHoo. It's time to take a dive--WooHoo awaits, if that's your sort of thing.



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