Bubble Blitz: Bubble Popping Excitement with a 60-Second Twist

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If you'd like your bubble-popping experience to be a more hectic and ultimately exciting one, you can now try out PlayQ's Bubble Blitz on Facebook, a game that combines that standard bubble-popping formula with a 60-second time limit.

By Brandy Shaul From

Like the master of the 60-second gameplay formula, Bubble Blitz allows you to play as many 60-second games as your energy bar will allow, with your five energy recharging every few minutes. During your 60 seconds, you'll be able to shoot as many bubbles as possible towards the top of the screen, eliminating massive sections of bubbles at a time in a template that forever drops from the top of the gameplay area. Bubble arrangements vary throughout each game, but most allow you to cause massive explosions with dozens of bubbles falling out of the way, with these "freed" bubbles working to increase your score multiplier for that particular game.

Bubble Blitz

At the end of each game, your score multiplier will offer you bonus points via special golden bubbles that offer seemingly random amounts of points, and you can compare your point totals to those of your friends via Bubble Blitz's leaderboard (which resets every few days). As you level up, you'll unlock new features like Juice, which appears in the middle of some bubbles and helps you unlock magical doors as you free enough individual Juice units.

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