EA and Insomniac Aiming to Make Monster Battling Big on Facebook with Outernauts

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Insomniac Games is getting ready to release its first social title called Outernauts, a monster battle game for Facebook published by EA. While pet/monster collection isn't new for the platform, it has proven to be a winning formula for some and it could yield another hit summer like 2011's Monster Galaxy.

By Mike Thompson Inside Social Games

In Outernauts, players are cast as members of the titular agency, which is tasked with capturing and training alien monsters ("Beasts") to help them make the galaxy a better place. As the adventure unfolds, players fight evil corporations and space pirates, help out local populations and investigate a mysterious group known as "The Ancients."



When the game starts, players have to choose one Beast to accompany their Outernauts on his or her journey across the stars. There are five different Beasts to choose from at the beginning of the adventure, and they can't be captured later in Outernauts. EA and Insomniac Games are planning to give players the ability to add these creatures to their menagerie, though, by selling real-world plush versions of each starting Beast. Each plush toy will come with a code that will unlock the associated Beast in Outernauts. Every Beast is based around a specific type of element — like ice, lightning and plants — which are stronger and weaker against other elements. At launch, there will be 12 different element types available.

Outernauts is scheduled to launch on Facebook sometime this summer and Insomniac plans to put out new content for the game approximately every two weeks afterwards.

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