Rockstar Madness Really Goes Live on Facebook

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"From a terrible job to a terrific rockstar- This is how Rockstar Madness begins. Have you ever wondered what would it feel to become a real Rockstar, to feel the scent of fame? Rockstar Madness is here to give that to you!

Rockstar Madness

It all starts in a garage, with a household band that's recruited by Evan Bush, The super famous rockstar and sponsor of Rockstar Madness contest, they are brave enough to go to the auditions and wiiiin!  Who are these people? These are you and all you can achieve in life- what are you waiting for?

Once you win the contest you'll have a manager to help you while you work your ass off to beat both your friends and other famous bands in fans! You'll have to rehearse, sell your albums and go on tour to explore the world! But beware, there is one band in particular that will not make your job easy!

Rockstar Madness is quite different from other games on facebook. The main goal is to build a successful rock band by achieving the biggest numbers of fans. There will be a ranking where users will compete against their friends and real artists' numbers.

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