Wall Posting Problem in SimCity Social Has Been Solved

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In Simcity Social the posting wall has been fixed now.

From SimCity Social Cheats

Periodic asking for help every time you need some while playing Electronic Arts' "SimCity Social" is really is really frustrating especially when you post the "request" on to your wall for friends to notice more often time fails. This has been the perennial dilemma when the game was launched and people started to play it. Although no advisory and or solution for the bug has been offered by the games' developer down at PlayFish , luckily for some tedious observation and experimental over Facebook. A solution has been formulated (for now) to at least address this dilemma and not hinder our progress in the game.

To get you started, you need to log-in into to your Facebook account as usual and then go to the function tab with an arrow pointing downwards. Here you could find your name, Privacy Settings and or Account Settings – as the basic set up option for your FB account. Select and click "Account Settings" and locate the Apps Button which can be seen at the left part of the screen.

The Apps Section will let you see the whole list of your applications where your account has been subscribe into. Find "SimCity Social" on the list and click "Edit Link" on the function tab. The an "options" under this function will be shown to you, Look for the one that say "This App Can" sub heading (this is the function that let's any application do some updates, use your profile as reference for the game and even post something on your behalf automatically or triggered when playing a game., now at this point you will seem to notice an option that reads "Post on Your Behalf" – click this to "on" at this point most of the wall posting problems may have been solved as many folks in the game has made it through their walls every time they want to post something within the game.

SimCity Social

After following this simple instruction you may as well find the joy of seeing your game posts on your wall for "SimCity Social". And if by the chance the same problem still occur, don't forget to inform us by posting your comments below.



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