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SimCity Social Championships has updated now. Let us know it in detail.

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So it's finally here! "SimCity Social" has launched its Olympic inspired event, the "SimCity Champions". As of writing the event will last about 6 days, so don't waste time built those Sports Venue and train hard for the games. Expect exciting gifts for the most competitive mayor.

Different Sports Venue is made available in the shop as players can now enjoy their mini Olympics in their own virtual cities. Not only that they could actually held some games in their Sports Venue but also has the chance to swell-up their population with these Olympic inspired attractions.

We have also prepared some, tips and guides for all our visitors who also wanted to do the "SimCity Champions" quest, just simply follow this link and make most of the 6 day event.

SimCity Social Championships

Along with the freshly launched event, game developers made some considerable updates too in "SimCity Social". If you notice the animation is a bit smoother this time while they also removed the sliding animation making the loading sequences (more) smoother than the previous. Likewise after so many bugging request by players, the update also includes the "SimCity Social friends' only group for those speedy requests".

And based on feedbacks, more improvements to the request inbox awaits for all SimCity Social mayors, when they start to play their game.

And likewise, spending your Diamonds will not go intentionally for they have fixed that problem too by providing a "confirming panel" before you spend your Diamonds in the game.

The game has also fixed their "like" in the daily bonus prompt, fixed the energy icon on the friend panel and continuing fixes for those dragging loading problems.

With these fixes, expect a smoother game play from here onwards. More and more updates will also be implemented in the next few days.



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