CastleVille: Play ChefVille for Free Gold Bricks Energy and More

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You can play ChefVille for free gold bricks, energy and other rewards.

By Brandy Shaul From

Zynga isn't wasting anymore time in attempting to get you to try out its new Facebook game ChefVille, as the developer has rolled out another cross-promotion in one of its games, offering prizes galore for trying the new game. In this case, the game is CastleVille, and players are being offered Gold Bricks, Alchemists Powders and more for trying and continuing to play ChefVille until they at least reach Level 12.


Players that are willing to stick with ChefVille until the 12th level (which shouldn't take you anymore than a week if you're active) will be able to return to their Kingdom in CastleVille to receive 15 Gold Bricks, 6 Alchemist Powders and a +60 point energy drink. As was the case with the Ville promotions, all of these items aren't given away in bulk; instead, you'll earn them in waves for reaching Levels 3, 7 and 12 in ChefVille.

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