The Ville: Play ChefVille for Free Signatures and Energy

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Play ChefVille for obtaining free signatures and energy in the Ville. Let us know details about them.

By Brandy Shaul From

If you've yet to play ChefVille on Facebook, but are one of the many players that have taken to Zynga's the Ville on Facebook, you're being offered some pretty great incentive to give the former a try. To be specific, Ville players are being offered energy, Signatures and Eggs for reaching up to Level 12 in ChefVille.

The Ville

These items are being given away in waves, as has been the case with most other ChefVille cross-promotions on Facebook. However, there are only three waves of prizes here, instead of four as in other games. This doesn't mean you'll have less work though, as you'll still need to reach Level 12 to earn your final rewards. Here's a rundown of the prizes given away at each stage of this promotion:

  • Reach Level 3 in ChefVille ---> Receive 6 Eggs in the Ville
  • Reach Level 7 in ChefVille ---> Receive 8 Signatures in the Ville
  • Reach Level 12 in ChefVille ---> Receive 6 Eggs, 8 Signatures and 10 Energy in the Ville.

If your inventory is already full of any of these items in the Ville, you'll want to use them before accepting the rewards in ChefVille, especially since those Signatures can help you earn Lot Expansion Permits, and you won't want to waste them. It's possible that future cross-promotions will launch between ChefVille and the Ville!

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