SimCity Social: Japan Week

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Japan Week has released in Simcity Social, did it catch your eyes?

By Brandy Shaul From

EA does a great job of keeping SimCity Social exciting and action-packed with new themes and challenges. This week mayors of SimCities all across Facebook are invited to adopt some Eastern culture with Japan week. The SimCity Social Japan theme comes with several new missions and items.

SimCity Social Japan Week

Five New Items for Japan Week

When you start up SimCity Social this week, you'll be greeted with by Brad (the firefighter), decked out in Japanese garb in an advertisement for new items for Japan week.

Though there are six buildings featured in this image, there are only five items available in the shop when you click through the link.

Giant Neko

  • Cost – 28000 simoleons
  • Reward – Population 42, Range 3

Shinto Gate

  • Cost – 3000 simoleons
  • Reward – Population 24, Range 2

Tea Garden

  • Cost – 12000 simoleons
  • Reward – Population 23, Range 3

Sumo Ring

  • Cost – 22000 simoleons
  • Reward – Population 20, Range 4

Sushi Factory

Cost and Reward currently unknown (this item is unlocked with a city population of 14000; if you now the cost and reward, please share in the comments below)

SimCity Social Japan Week

New SimCity Missions for Japan Week

Brad has gone off to Japan to learn firefighting techniques to better protect your SimCity. To help him complete his quest, you are asked to complete these missions. The first two missions available are:

After you complete those, several more become available.

Who Needs a Giant Cat?

The Giant Neko is an oversized version of a classic good-luck charm found in shops across Japan. The arm movement of the cat is supposed to summon money or business into the shop. Are you going to get one for your SimCity?



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