Simcity Social: New Daily Play Rewards Upset Players

Date: Sep 03 2012 21:30:49 Source: Simcity Social Fansite Views:
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PlayFish has changed the daily play rewards in Simcity Social, and this behaviour made plays feel upset. Do you feel so? 

By Admin Tel From Simcity Social Fansite

Since the previous update to SimCity Social that included the addition of the UFO Mystery Gifts another change has caused controversy in the world of SimCity Social which revolves around the change in Daily Play Rewards.

Simcity Social Daily Play Rewards

Previously players were granted either Simoleons, Materials or Energy for playing the SimCity Social online Facebook game for four days in a row with the chance for players to even earn Free Diamonds on the fifth day. However since the update the randomness and rarity of even dropping those basic rewards has been raised with single basic Ingredients like Ticket Stubs, Teamwork, Rage and even small decorations loaded into the random generator.

This update hasn't sat well in the SimCity Social universe as the rewards really do seem to have been watered down. Maybe Playfish thought that each day you were receiving too many Freebies that helped you grow your Cities a little too quickly? The community has spoken and Playfish are aware of you players dismay so you'll have to wait and see if you get an official response and maybe even an amendment to this rather questionable Daily Play Rewards update.

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