Simcity Social: New Mystery Gift Box Details

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Mystery Gift boxes have released in Simcity Social, and they can help you with your quests.

By Admin Tel From Simcity Social Fansite

Yesterday SimCity Social released some new Mystery Gift boxes which are provided to help players with their Quests by receiving a mystery Ingredient that is needed in order to complete each themes Quest.

Simcity Social Mystery Gift Box

The Mystery Gift boxes are available to send to your friends and Neighbours of SimCity Social by clicking on the purple question mark covered box to the right hand side of your SimCity Social game screen and then to players who have yet to receive a gift from you that specific day.

It is impossible to know what exactly you are sending them but Playfish announced that they will contain Ingredients that will help players get through the themed Quests of our favourite online Facebook game. The contents of the boxes ranged from Rage, Hayseeds, Harmony and BBQ's, all of which help with either building the new Fairytale Castle Landmark, the new Medieval Mayhem Building or indeed the Quest.

After you had completed the Quest and at intervals between receiving the above mentioned Ingredients you continued to reveal 25 Simoleon gifts in mass which leads you to the conclusion that once you've been helped and passed everything necessary then the Mystery Gift Boxes will only go towards helping raise your virtual SimCity Social bank balance.



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