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Dragon's Lair can be decorated your city in Simcity Social, but it's a bit expensive. Now it is 60% off.

By Admin Tel From Simcity Social Fansite

The first ever special sale item has been released into SimCity Social this week as part of the Medieval Mayhem theme which you can find either in the SimCity Social store or by clicking on the new red Dragon icon to the right hand side of your game screen.

Simcity Social Dragon's Lair

The Dragon's Lair is a very highly priced Decoration that will boost the Population of near by homes by +300 over a +5 Range. The size of the Dragon's Lair is 3x3 but is rather on the tall side so it can obscure it's surrounding buildings until hovered over.

With the Dragon's Lair being a Decoration, unfortunately it cannot be upgraded and its stats will always remain the same, although they are good, they are not the best around and the Zoo, Observation Tower and Imperial Palace all give off higher stats at a much lower price.

The very special thing about the Dragon's Lair decoration is it's animations as when placed in your SimCity a huge red Dragon will continually fly around and circle the air space until you remove the decoration to your inventory. We have to admit that it does look rather good and if you manage to pick it up for its Sale price of 100 Diamonds you may appreciate it however when the 60% discount is removed after the Medieval theme leaves SimCity Social, the 240 Diamonds price tag is indeed too high for such a limited building.

You may remember our New Friend And Enemy Gifts Coming Soon article earlier this month that detailed a Poll that Playfish released asking players to vote for a creature or flying machine that players would like to see in their Cities which was won by the Dragon with 41% of the vote out of five possible options. It is now clear that these flying objects won't be new Friend & Enemy Gifts but is in fact in reference to the new Dragon's Lair.

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