The Ville Doors to Riches: Modern Retro

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This week you can win Modern Retro items by entering the activity called Doors to Richies in the Ville, and we wish you good luck!

By Brandy Shaul From

The third installment in the Ville's popular "Doors to Riches" feature has finally launched, giving players a chance to win seven different items for their homes in the game's current "Modern Retro" furniture theme. As with previous sets of Doors to Riches prizes, you'll be able to earn one prize over the next week, with items being earned by asking your friends to send you collectible items. Here's the complete list of prizes in this Modern Doors to Riches event:

The Ville Doors to Riches

  • Day 1: Apollo Coffee Table Black
  • Day 2: Tartan Loveseat Red
  • Day 3: Cube Rug Lava
  • Day 4: Tartan Sofa Red
  • Day 5: Apollo End Table Black
  • Day 6: Swan Chair White

The Ville Doors to Riches

If you can earn each of these six individual prizes, you'll receive the final grand prize with no additional work: the Freeze-o-matic Blue. This is a teal refrigerator for your kitchen. Just remember, this isn't a case where you've been given a lot of extra time to earn these items: you'll have just a week to earn them all, so you'll need to ask your friends for help every time the game allows you to do so. Good luck winning them all!



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