Zuma Blitz: Kroakatoa Island: On the Next 'Pimp My PopCap Game'

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Kroakatoa Island sees players start over again. More specifically, upon loading up the new Zuma Blitz for the first time, players will start with a clean slate. As in Level One. As in no Badges. As in no power-ups.

By Joe Osborne From

Taking a closer, longing look at that high-gloss paint, Kroakatoa Island is a visual re-visitation of the Zuma franchise that both incorporates elements from more recent renditions and sends the ball-belching bullfrog--well, more like a tree frog--in a new artistic direction.

Zuma Blitz: Kroakatoa Island

Players will unlock the ability to purchase spirit animals that drastically change how the game is played and how it looks. Kroakatoa Island is a fine revival of the Zuma Blitz you once adored, but strange motions to ignore full screen support and wiping players' progress might turn a lot of heads in the opposite direction for good. Despite that, Kroakatoa Island deserves your attention as a self-respecting fan of marble shooters.

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