ChefVille: County Fair Decorations

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You may prefer to purchase more smart items to drcorate your restaurant. Now the County Fair items have released in ChefVille, and you can make your restaurant stand out from the crowd with them.

By Brandy Shaul From

As part of the new County Fair event in ChefVille, players are now encouraged (and sometimes even required) to purchase and place some themed decorations in their restaurants. The County Fair theme can be found under the store's "New!" section, which is the first tab on the list, and it comes with plenty of items to make your restaurant really stand out from the crowd. Here's a complete look at the new items in this theme.

ChefVille County Fair Decorations

  • Meat Grinder - Quest related
  • County Fair Counter - 300 coins
  • County Fair Picnic Table - 250 coins
  • County Fair Fence - 10 Reputation Hearts per piece
  • County Fair Flag Divider - 5 Chef Cash
  • County Fair Corndog Light - 5,000 coins
  • County Fair Hotdog Topiary - 1,000 coins

ChefVille County Fair Decorations

  • County Fair Ketchup Topiary - 2,500 coins
  • County Fair Mustard Topiary - 2,500 coins
  • County Fair Round Fountain - 40 Chef Cash
  • County Fair Square Fountain - 40 Chef Cash
  • County Fair Umbrella - 150 coins
  • County Fair Balloon Bunch - 250 coins
  • County Fair Balloon Tower - 750 coins

ChefVille County Fair Decorations

  • County Fair Half Wall - 35 coins
  • County Fair Half Wall Corner - 35 coins
  • County Fair Wall - 35 coins

ChefVille County Fair Decorations

These items don't come with a time limit for availability,. That being the case, it definitely wouldn't hurt to purchase these items now while you know they'll still be available.

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