CastleVille: Beauty and the Beast Items

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Beauty and the Beast items have released in CastleVille, and they also have the "limit time". You would better to purchase them sooner, just in case.

By Brandy Shaul From

It's been a while since CastleVille saw the release of a traditional market update, but that drought has now ended with the release of limited edition Beauty and the Beast items in the game's store. There aren't as many individual items to purchase here as you would have liked, but there are at least complete costumes for those that like to collect clothing for their avatars. Other than that, you can splurge on a couple of decorations and a single animal, but only one single item is available for coins. Here's a look at these new items!

CastleVille Beauty and the Beast Items

  • Beast Hat - 4 Crowns
  • Beast's Shirt - 6 Crowns
  • Beautiful Gargoyle Statue - 4,000 coins
  • Bell's Dress Skirt - 7 Crowns
  • Bell's Fancy Dress Skirt - 8 Crowns
  • Bell's Fancy Shirt - 7 Crowns
  • Bell's Shirt - 7 Crowns
  • Candelabra - 1 Crown

CastleVille Beauty and the Beast Items

  • Pair of Beast's Pants - 5 Crowns
  • Bell's Clydesdale - 25 Crowns
  • Beast's Manor - 35 Crowns
  • Flower Pot - 30 Reputation Heart

CastleVille Beauty and the Beast Items

These items will only be available for a limited time, but if this is anything like previously released themes, that "limited time" could actually turn into weeks or months. Still, it's always smart to shop sooner, rather than later, just in case.



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