Top 25 Facebook Games - October 2012: FarmVille 2 Rises

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The FarmVille 2 has rised up to the second of top 25 Facebook games. Though FarmVille 2 of Zynga has 6.5 million new coming daily players, its other games' daily players all fall.

By Brandy Shaul From

Fittingly enough, the month of apple orchard trips and farmers market visits marks the rise of FarmVille 2 in both monthly and daily players. Thanks to Zynga turning the valve on the cross-promotion plumbing beneath its games, the FarmVille 2 sequel now welcomes 6.5 million daily players. But at what cost? Well, the cost of every other Zynga game in the top 25 losing daily players.

FarmVille 2

That's right, all but one Zynga game (Zynga Slingo) in the top 25 lost daily players this month, with The Ville in lead saying goodbye (or come back) to 2 million daily players. That's the magic of Zynga's almighty cross-promotion engine, but it's also the fatal flaw. Only so many games can be in the spotlight at once within Zynga, and even some of the most ambitious projects lose out rather quickly.

When that happens, you see other players either begin their rise to the top or stay right where they are. The latter seems to be the case for mainstay hits like Candy Crush Saga with 4.5 million daily players in the fifth spot, Diamond Dash's sixth place hold with 3.9 million daily players and Pool Live Tour in 19th place with 1.9 million dailies.

Facebook Games

The former (as in games on the up), however, shows that Zynga stumbling allows other players to fill in the blanks. Look at Nordeus, with its only game, Top Eleven, gaining another 100,000 daily players. Or how about Social Point's Dragon City gaining 500,000 daily players to inch up to 10th place? The real question is: If Zynga continues to fall, who else will rise?

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