Simcity Social: Back From the Future Bugs & Mystery Box Updates

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Simcity Social has rectified some small bugs that you may doesn't notice, but it means that Playfish want to show the best game to you.

By Admin Tel From Simcity Social Fansite

There has been one or two small bug fixes and behind the scenes updates underneath all of the Futuristic and beautifully modern building and contents that was brought to you via the Back From The Future theme that you may not have noticed but might want to know to either help you in your SimCity Social game or to prove that the developers really are trying to keep on top of things and improve the game.

Simcity Social Back From the Future Bugs Mystery Box Updates

Most the of the glitches and background bug fixes this week revolve around the Inbox as players were stating that they could either not open their Inbox or when they did finally get into it that their Gifts had all disappeared. Playfish have now rectified these problems and players should no longer see these issues.

There were also reports that the New Mystery Gifts were not been sent to the selected Neighbours which has now also been rectified along with the Mystery Gift overhaul which you will of already more than likely have noticed, in which if you have completed your weekly timed Quests and have all of the required Quest Ingredients then you will no longer just get a boring 25 Simoleons but a completely random Ingredient which can even be of the Rare variety.

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