Webkinz Creator Has Released Tail Towns Friends

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Ganz, creator of the massively popular children's PC game Webkinz, has released Tail Towns Friends, which follows a community of friendly talking mice, as you're given control of an orchard and are challenged with providing the community with fruit and other items in order to stop an evil conglomerate that looks to put everyone out of business.

By Brandy Shaul From

Tail Towns Friends

As players begin in Tail Towns Friends, their orchards are sparse, but can be filled with a variety of trees, decorations, storage buildings and more. Throughout it all, the soap-opera inspired storyline is presented via text windows and lovely artwork, and Ganz is apparently already planning to continually update the market with themed content so that each player can have an orchard that's as unique as they are.

Tail Towns Friends

With Tail Towns Friends, Ganz is looking to recreate its past success with Webkinz by once again combining the worlds of real world products and virtual codes, only here, players can collect hand-painted mouse figurines that will offer virtual codes for items within Tail Town Friends, instead of plush animals as was the case with Webkinz. Interested gamers can use the game's helpful store locator to find locations near them that offer these figures, but there are very few locations, regardless of state, that have already started to carry them.

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